Youtube Remote Control Helicopter video

The RC Helicopter Gyro V91 was reviewed by a consumer on YouTube Remote Control Helicopter video. He said the best price for this particular model was at Bang Good. This helicopter can be flown both indoors and outdoors and has 4 channels and a fixed pitch. The consumer states that of all of the RC helicopters on the market, this particular model is the best when it comes to hovering. It comes in the color types, black and gold, blue and white or red and white. It comes with a digital remote which is 2.4 gigahertz.

The model comes with 2 rechargeable 120 milliamp batteries that charge by USB and are easily slid into a space on the bottom of the helicopter. Usually the batteries for similar models are 150 milliamps; however the 120 milliamp batteries do work well. If you prefer the 150s they can be purchased online separately. The toy comes with an extra set of blades should anything happen to the existing ones, you can easily replace them. It can be modified and will work with parts from certain different yet similar models without a lot of work to change them in or out. While the model comes with plastic grommets he chose to modify that as well to rubber grommets, as he happens to prefer them personally.

The small mother board in the toy is all connected. This means that if one piece breaks or needs replacing you do have to buy a whole new board. The reviewer says that it isn’t a really big deal as the part only costs thirteen dollars so in the event that you do need to replace it, it is not costly. The device and remote sync up together. There is also a safety feature that will not allow the two to sync up if the throttle is up as that may be dangerous. You can also buy the helicopter separately without the remote if you want more than one because they all work together. It comes highly recommended from this consumer. Please watch youtube remote control helicopter video below