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Syma S800G RC Helicopter Reviews

RC Helicopter Syma S800GThe S800G 4 Channel RC Helicopter is the best remote control helicopter that gives you the feeling as if you are driving a real RC helicopter. You can fly these helicopters up or down, right or left side, forward or backward very easily. It is very safe to fly these helicopters as it turns off automatically and very quickly as if it gets chocked. You can control these helicopters up to the distance of 10 meters. It is the four channel RC helicopter that you can fly indoor and you can practice within your PC itself as it has the flight stimulation program that gets connected to the PC. It is the incredible remote control flying helicopter that flies round your house. It comes of with the swash plate control and an infrared remote control. It has the small controller and you can get practiced when you use it regularly.


Appearance – It looks so pretty with its color scheme and the charming metal framework. This helicopter feels lighter with metal shell outer covering and it is less breakable when it lands crashing.

Flight controls – Almost all the remote helicopters come with three controls but this S800G has the fourth control called the swash plate that helps in the horizontal movement.

Battery time – If you charge the battery for 40 to 50 minutes, you can fly the helicopter for ten minutes.

Cost – It is the cheapest model with new design and many features. The cost of this helicopter is affordable as it worth more with its functions. All its spare parts are available is an affordable price and there is no need to worry about any breakage.

Pros of S800G 4 Channel RC Helicopter

The swash plate control in this model is the most important advantage. The helicopter is of with light weight when compared to that of the other models. It has the four control surfaces with very great price. It has somewhat good flight time and solid durability. It has the LED search light that helps you to fly even at night. It also has the LED all cool effects that entertain the users more.


The only cons in this S800G 4 Channel RC Helicopter is its battery life. Sometimes the battery also falls down while landing down the floor.

Totally, buying this S800G 4 Channel RC Helicopter is more valuable for the customers as it gives the full satisfaction for them. It brings happy into the minds of the people those who are using these remote helicopters. It gives you lots of fun while playing with this remote helicopter. It is almost having all the best options that are needed for the best remote control helicopter. This remote helicopter has the charming look that attracts all with its look itself. It is very easy to fly this remote helicopter as it has the clear controller options. It is wise to fly in the area which has the high ceiling to avoid the damage while you are flying it for the first time. It really adds more fun and gives you the great entertainment.

Where to Buy

You can purchase this appliance from both offline and online stores. It is currently available (when article writing)  at Amazon, when the article was written Syma S800G price is $22.96, or 62% less than the original list price ($59.99), meaning you save $37.03.Amazon also offers some buying options including free shipping, free two-day shipping, one-day shipping, and more. Click here to buy the Walkera mini CP 6 channel RC helicopter.

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