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Saturn-X 2CH IR RC Micro HelicopterRemote Control toys have for a long time been a hobby for many people worldwide, but it is the RC Micro Helicopter which has managed to create some serious waves amongst people around the world. With one of the finest controls and real life details, these micro helicopters have managed to captivate the imagination of everyone around. What makes the modern Micro Helicopter different from the rest is the sheer detailing put behind it, which clearly demonstrates the fact that this helicopter is made for people of all ages and not just children. Which is why it is extremely important to get an up close and personal look on these RC Micro Helicopters to get a better look as to what makes it so popular amongst people of all ages and segments.


Unlike the traditional remote control toys, the modern RC micro helicopter have managed to create a new segment of remote control toys. With the inclusion of few of the latest accessories around and being made from the finest metals, these micro helicopters are just a footstep away from the real thing. It is this reason that has managed to invoke the enthusiasm in people of all ages. For people who might actually still believe that these helicopters are somewhat related to what they used to be then think again, because unlike their traditional cousins, these helicopters use one of the most well detailed sheet metals and computer circuits which gives the user the same feeling that flying the real thing does.


The biggest benefit of the modern day RC helicopter is that they look like the exact replica of their live size cousins. Matching every single detail to the T, these micro choppers can fool the best of people acting like the real thing. Even if you put aside the intricate details aside, the sheer ease with which it can be controlled over long distances and even in turbulent weather is one of the best additions to these micro choppers. Perhaps the best addition to the RC helicopter is that it can be attached to a fully functional video camera which is capable of taking pictures and recording videos, storing them on the on board SD card.


Even though with its limited set of cons, the RC micro helicopter without a doubt comes with its very own set. One of the biggest disadvantages that many RC helicopter companies have failed to overcome is the sheer power guzzling ability. Guzzling down more than 4 sets of batteries, 1 set carries 6 pieces, these battery eating demons still require some serious power saving capabilities before people start saving their money and not buy them. Another problem with the RC helicopter is that with its small metallic parts, there is some serious choking hazards for young children and animal.

Where to Buy

With all said and done, the RC helicopter has without a doubt managed to become one of the best toys that everyone wants to own. Which is why many people have created full fledged sports involving RC helicopters. Being popular amongst all ages, the RC micro helicopter is definitely here to stay and outlive its primitive cousin.

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